Wosports Fish Finder Camera Review

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Okay, we all know what a Fish Finder is and how it works, and hardly ever does it come with a marine grade underwater camera. Well, some do, but I honestly think all fish finders should come with a camera; makes the activity that much for fun and engaging, right?

Thank your lucky stars because today I will be reviewing to you one such Fish Finder that comes with a camera, the Fish Finder camera from Wosports. But will the camera really make any difference in output at the end of the day? Or is it just another fancy gadget gimmick? Let’s investigate!Fish Finder camera

Wosports Fish Finder Camera

Let’s start by taking a look on to the most important component of the kit, the camera.

The Wosports Fish Finder camera lets you treat the underwater from a fish’s eyes, literally. This camera has been specially designed to give you the best view underwater at deep ranges, both during the day and at night. The camera is so durable and robust that you can even use it for ice fishing and enjoy the same amazing results

The camera uses a COMS sensor of 2 megapixels and a 140 degree wide angle lens and shoots at 720 pixels per inch (ppi). It has a minimum luminance of 1 LUX underwater. No simulation, no nonsense.

You can see the underwater world, live! The camera captures real-time videos so you will be getting some pretty up-close and personal viewing of the underwater. And given that the cable of the camera is 30 m long, you get it pretty deep for some exciting fish watching!

Display Monitor

The screen on the monitor is a generous 4.3 inch so that you never have to squint your eyes for viewing. The display is bright, vivid and crisp; just plug the camera cable into the monitor and you are ready to catch some fish! You have 4 buttons, of navigation and menu, on the bottom of the screen.

The monitor is also weather resistant to damages like fog build-up, moisture, wind, etc for those challenging fishing trips where mother nature can get a little too crazy. The monitor also has a nice sunshade over it to prevent visual distortion from rain drops and sun glares. Very thoughtful, indeed.


One of the saddest fishing scenarios: you are happy using your Fish Finder and amidst, the battery runs out. And with that ends all your dreams of the bass you were eyeing. The end.

Well, the Wosports Fish Finder camera won’t be giving you any such nightmares. It uses 2 lithium ion batteries, each 2000 mAH, to work for a good 6 hours at a time. And the great thing is the company is generous towards its customers: they provide one extra set (2 batteries) so in total you have a whopping 12 hours working time on your hands! If one runs out, use the other while the other charges. Very efficient.

 Some Special Features

  • The Wosports Fish Finder camera supports a microphone, making your fishing experience more engaging and thrilling.
  • This Fish Finder camera can be used on both types of waters: fresh and salt, without the fear of rusting or other damages.
  • The holder included in the kit lets you set the display monitor on your boats, kayak or even on shore.


The Wosports Fish Finder camera comes with the complete kit of a screen monitor, 30 m cable rolls for the camera, multifunction holder, 4 pieces stake out pole accessory, 4 lithium ion battery, 1 charger, 2 pieces tie wrap, 1 screw, an instruction manual and of course, the camera itself. Now that’s one packed kit!

And it all comes nice and neatly packed in a strong and sturdy black carrying case. No fidgeting around with the components anymore; they are all tucked away, organized for you.



  • The camera comes with an entire Fish Finder kit
  • The camera is pretty compact and light
  • 30 m cable, which can be extended to 60 m, give you all the freedom to tread the depths of the water
  • The cable can endure 30 kilograms of weight
  • Monitor has a large screen and a sunshade for uninterrupted viewing
  • You get to the real, live video on the monitor; no simulation
  • Comes in a neat and robust carrying case
  • Offers a yearlong warranty


  • The camera can’t be pointed into a specific direction
  • Does not offer zoom
  • Lack of external connectivity; Does not facilitate connection to mobile phones or tablets


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Wosports Fish Finder camera

  1. Does it come with any security or warranty?

Answer: Yes, the Wosports Fish Finder camera does come with a yearlong limited warranty. You will get all the help, repairs, replacements or even refunds as long as the damage is incurred from the producer’s side.

  1. Does it have any flashlight on it or built into it?

Answer: No, it does not. But the camera has been designed to work on both during the day and at night so I don’t think you’d be facing any problems in the darkness or at night fishing.


And with that, it’s a wrap to our Wosports Fish Finder camera review. The only way to describe this fishing gadget is WOW! It is truly a must-have and fundamental thing to have on to every fisher’s fishing trip. This will give you that extra set of eyes that you could really use on fishing trips.

It can be used to both types of waters, can be used for ice fishing, goes 30 to 60 ft deep underwater and can do so much more to make sure you get a closer look into below for effective fishing. Yes, it could use some improvements undeniably, but it would be unjust to say that it does not make the cut. I honestly feel the Wosports Fish Finder camera won’t be a purchase you will regret. Recommended!

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