Best Fish Finder Brands Around

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With over a thousand fish finder companies in the market, how do you know which ones are reliable and top-rated? Well, you have come to the place if you want your question answered.

In this article, we will be disclosing some of the best fish finder brands around, with an in-depth look into their beginnings and makes the industry leaders. Let’s start!Best Fish Finder


  • Humminbird

Hummingbird is a household brand in the fish finder industry, and there isn’t one angler who is foreign to the name. Almost every fisher has owned or owns a hummingbird finder at some point, and have hardly looked anywhere else for a second choice.

Humminbird began its journey more than over 40 \years ago as a manufacturer of fishing and marine equipments. But, Humminbird as we know it today wasn’t always “Hummingbird”. In 1971, Techsonic Industries, Inc. began in Eufaula, Alabama as Fulton electronics. Its humble beginning started in a small garage-like facility funded by a few local investors. The company began by modifying Heath Kits to produce electronic fish-finding devices, which was marketed by a name that would change the fate of the company forever- Humminbird.

But, Humminbirds rise to fame was all thanks to the first ever waterproof depth sounder, and fishermen all over went crazy! Humminbird never looked back after this; it went to introduce and producing some of the most innovative and functional fishing equipments, like marine radios, marine GPS, in the world. Today, it stands strong as one of the best fish finder brands with hits like Helix and PiranhaMax series. But, what truly makes the brand one of the best is its commitment to excellence.


  • Raymarine Dragonfly

If we are speaking of the best fish finder brands then Raymarine Dragonfly gets a very honorable part in it, effortlessly.

Raymarine Dragonfly was born 80 years ago, and it began doing what it loves and is best at: outdoor equipmentsthat are made to challenge the wilderness. But what the company really stands out for are its marine products. Raymarine is one of those brands that have been efficiently utilizing its experience and expertise. The company has, through the years, proved that it is never far behind in innovation and technology in its products, which is why even in its very early years, it has won several awards: the British Design Award for the Autohelm tiller pilot being its first in 1975. Out of its many marine products, like the marine cameras, depth finder, etc., it is the brand’s fish finders that took Raymarine Dragonfly to the next level of success.

Raymarine Dragonfly’s fish finders are synonymous with quality, performance and technology. With finder components like the Wi- Fish™, its quality transducers, you can tell that the brand is constantly on its toe to improve and redesign its fish finders to give the best experience to the crowd. And the crowd has embraced the effort of the company with open arms since fishers, both naïve and experts swear by its fish finders. Some of its most popular fish finders include the “a‘’and “e” series. It is this dedicated to improvement and innovation that makes Raymarine Dragonfly one of the best fish finder brands for us.

  • Lowrance

Lowrance is a brand that thrives off the value and pleasure of fishing. For years and years, it has been the go-to brand of many fishers through the world and for some great reasons as well.

Lowrance specializes and excels in marine technology and types of equipment, and invented the first consumer sonar device in 1957 called the Little Green Box. And the latest of the company’s innovations include the introduction of High Definition System (HDS) multifunction display in 2008. Lowrance’s CHIRP technology is something every fisher looks for in their fish finder now. Needless, to say Lowrance, one of the best fish finder brands, takes creativity very seriously and is sincere towards making fishing easy, fun and successful. Which is also why Lowrance is one of the top brands preferred by professional anglers and fishers today. The Elite 9X CHIRP is one of its newest fish finders and is quickly winning over people’s hearts.

But what really makes Lowrance one of the best fish finder brands around is not only its quality and performance, it is the story. Lowrance perseveres to serve and cater to all sorts of fishers; from the rookie to the pro with a wide variety of fish finders. It believes fishing is not just a sport; it is the beginning of curiosity and a lifelong interest and everybody should experience a piece of it. If you do not happen to like a fish finder from this brand, chances are, you won’t like it from anywhere else at all!


  • Garmin

4th on our list of the best fish finder brands is a brand puts a spin on fishing with innovative products; it is the one and only Garmin.

Garmin is an American multinational technology company founded by Min Kao and Gary Burrell. But it wasn’t always called Garmin as you’d expect. In 1989, when the company was established, it was actually known as ProNav. Regardless of its changing names, the company always stood constantly in designing and manufacturing high quality and innovative marine equipment among its many other products. And no product in its marine line is quite as loved and revered as its fish finders. The most popular include the Striker™ 7SV and the Striker™ 5 ice fishing bundle. Most of Garmin’s latest fish finders include built-in GPS systems and use the CHIRP sonar and scanning technology; a feature anglers fishers worship!

Garmin fish finders are packed with so much capability that users look for no other alternatives after a Garmin finder. It is all thanks to the brand’s love for technology that is incorporated into all of its finders, thus, making your fishing experience smooth, easy and making it one of the best fish finder brands in the world!


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