The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro++ Review

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Gone are the days fishers used transducers on their boats. Small, compact and smart fish finders that let you do so much more beyond the tradition finders are all the rage now.

And, today, we will walk you through one such fish finder: the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++. This fish finder has been making quite the buzz among fishermen and leisure fishers, but our thorough review of this gadget will put it to the real test. Let’s begin the investigation. It was first discussed in our fish finder guide.

Overview of the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++

Before we make things all too technical and complicated, let’s take a look at what the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ fish finder stands for.

The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ is a wireless fish finder that will work over Wifi. It is equipped with dual frequency sonar, an onshore GPS system, mapping and map creation and is most effective when used with the Deep App. This sonar device has been designed to be pocket size; super compact and light, weighing just 3.4 ounces and shaped in a sphere, so that you cast it easily and carry it anywhere and everywhere and use it for nearly 6 hours at a time!



Feedback received will all be displayed on your phone screen. The screen will show you other useful information like the water temperature, water depth, etc alongside pinpoint the fishes.

You can also have your information displayed in 3 different variations: the classic mode where you will have information displayed the usual way, the day mode to reduce glares and the night mode. This particular feature is something you will find only in the most top rated and expensive fish finders.


The range that a sonar device can go is SO important for results. You can buy the most expensive sonar device in the world and it will be worth nothing if it fails to give you the proper or required range! But the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ will not disappoint you.

The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ can offer you a casting range of up to 330 ft or 100 m and go as deep as 260 ft or 80 m. Getting right out and into the waters is key for a good catch and fish traffic and this finder does just that!

And because the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ is great on both salt waters and fresh waters, its versatility will take your fishing trips very far. You can enjoy onshore fishing, kayak or boat fishing, even ice fishing with the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ by your side without any fear of damages and with the confidence of the same high accuracy.


Let’s be honest here, the waters aren’t filled with fishes who are waiting in line to be yanked out with a hook in their mouth by you. Many fishes are fast, smart and either too small to be detected on most finders. So how well does the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ filter the waters?

The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ uses dual frequency sonar which means the devices project 2 different levels of frequencies into the water to get feedback from. Use the lower sensitivity for muddy or cloudy water to get the reading from a wider span of area; and the lower sonar sensitivity in clearer waters for intensely accurate detection of fast, and even the tiniest fishes!

It does up to 15 scans to catch the movement of even the most cunning and swiftest of fishes. And because the underwater is home to many junk like, large boulders, boat remnants, tree logs, etc, the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ has 8 times the extended dynamic range that enables it to make more accurate detection of underwater objects.

GPS and Mapping

The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ has a built-in GPS system. Now, we all know what a GPS system does; it will show locations, show spots with the most fish traffic, show previously visited located and all the usual functions that it exists to do. But what makes the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ GPS different from the rest is that is allows you to make and create maps and detect underwater conditions, like the bedding contour, both onshore and off it.

All the information received from its high accuracy GPS receiver will be displayed to you in a bathymetric map, an underwater map, which you can edit and alter for future use and reference.


Finally, we come to the Deep App which is free and compatible to both Android and iOS. This app is what ensures that you make the most out of your Deeper Smart Sonar pro++.

The app is what makes all the features on the finder comes alive. It also gives you all the news on weather, calendar, notes, and camera and offers social media sharing. The best thing about the app, however, is that it will work both online and offline for many functions!


  1. USB wire
  2. Neoprene carry pouch
  3. 2 attachment bolts
  4. Quick gude, safe usage and instruction manual, and of course
  5. The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++


  • The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ is lightweight, compact and portable
  • It has a good range allowance
  • Uses dual frequencies
  • More refined detections of fishes and objects thanks to its 15 scans and 8 dynamic ranges
  • Displays information is 3 different modes
  • The Deep App is free and compatible to both iOS and Android
  • The app includes numerous useful features that will come very handy
  • Built-in GPS and mapping


  • Has trouble connecting to devices over Wifi, as per consumer complaints
  • The GPS misbehaves at times
  • Not ideal for shallow water



  1. How many cell phones or tablets can the Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ be connected to at the same time?

Answer: The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ will connect to only one device at a time. If you are group fishing, then I’d suggest you use a large tablet and attach to a mount where everyone can see it.

  1. Do the bathymetric maps get saved?

Answer: Yes, the bathymetric maps do get saved. In fact the maps, sonar readings, and more, all get saved in the “history” tab of the Deep application.


And with that, end our Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ review. This fish finder from Deep undeniably takes the cakes. It outdoes so many high-end and expensive fish finders by so much. Though you will likely experience some issues, considering the high performance execution from its part, I think it can be overlooked if not forgiven. The Deeper Smart Sonar pro++ is the entire package! Its wireless, compact and packed with features and function so that you never miss another fish. Highly recommended!

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