The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder

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Okay so let’s get one thing very clear: not everyone looks for the high-end, popular or out of this world fish finders on their boats. Some, actually many, people rather go for something that gets the job done, is lightweight and affordable. But, for someone who is not willing to compromise quality, there is the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder. So, let’s started with this review and see if this fish finder is really worth your hard-earned buck!


The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder undoubtedly one of the best fish finders if you have a small boat. It is lightweight, compact and perfect for mounting onto the smallest spots on a boat. This fish finder weighs just 2.5 pounds and measures 8 x 16 x 12.3 inches in dimensions.

It is this petite body of the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder that makes it so ideal for users who look for a gadget that is not going to eat up their boat’s much-needed premium space. This fish finder uses the most thought-after materials to make sure that it never suffers from the damages of Mother Nature out on the wild waters.Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder


The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder has a color TFT, backlit 3.5 inch display with DPM of 240H x 320V and a display color gray-scale of 256 colors. The vivid display and color contrast does an excellent job catching your eyes as well as showing where all your fishes are mingling.

With a display like the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder, you will never have to guess where all the fishes are at. They can swim but they can’t hide!

Dual Beam

Duals beams are great because you get the filtration of one, but two eyes. The frequencies are sent into the waters, and the reciprocal frequencies are sent back to the device above to show you all the whereabouts of fishes down below.

This fish finder utilizes two distinct beams from the transducer: One of 200 KHz by 28 degrees and the other at 455 KHz by 16 degrees, both at 10 db. The 16 degrees beam is great for pinpoint fish detection while with the 28 degrees, you get a wider and a more generous radar span. The dual beams can go down up to 600 ft underwater. With a radar policing the waters this dedicatedly, you know you are about to get your hands on some of the best catches you did in a long time!

 Down Imaging

Sometimes to catch the best, you must see what it sees, think like it thinks and move like it moves. And this rule applies significantly in term of fishes and the fisher. But, getting the clearest view of the waters below can be a difficult ordeal, but the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder’s down imaging has you covered on this as well.

The down imaging on this fish finder gives you some of the best imaging thanks to the reciprocal frequencies from its dual beam sonar. This data is converted into digital information and displayed on your monitor to give you the entire structure of the objects below.  You can get a 180 degree side imaging from the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder. Takes the guesswork out of fishing, really!


The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder uses a tilt-mount base that lets you swing around the monitor to achieve the optimum view of the screen.

Some Mention-able Features

The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder is filled with small yet useful features that make a world of a difference when you are fishing. And one of my absolute favorite features on the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder is that uses a fish alarm. The fish alarm goes off every time the finder detects any fishes near it or under its beams. This is useful for when you doze off on a rather inactive period of fishing.

The Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder also has a fish ID+. This features acts just like your telephone index. It serves to keep a tab on all the different types of fishes in the water and help you to identify your catch. Pretty neat, not bad at all.

You can also benefit from its depth alarm and zoom. The depth alarm will help you with understanding the depth of the waters you are sailing on. You can get some great ideas on the type of fishes you are likely to find depending on water depths. Any just in case you need a more up-close view, just zoom in!


  • Tiny and compact; great for small boats, kayak, etc
  • Uses dual beams for more and strict coverage and filtering
  • Uses down imaging for give crisp, clear imaging on a bright display monitor
  • Includes features like fish alarms, fish ID+, depth alarm and zoom


  • The transducer cable is too long
  • Occasionally gives off incorrect depth readings

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder

  1. Does it show water temperature and speed on the display?

Answer: It does display the water temperature on screen, but it won’t show the speed.

  1. Does the screen light up for night fishing? Is it backlit?

Answer: It is absolutely fine for night time fishing since the screen is entirely backlit. It will shine brighter at night, so you will have no problem whatsoever with viewing the screen.


If you are looking for something that is very high-end, feature-packed and overly functional then the Humminbird 409690-1 Piranhamax fish finder just might not be for you; you will be very disappointed. Having said that, if you are looking for a fish finder that is compact, performance-oriented and filled with limited but useful function, then this fish finder from Humminbird will definitely fill out the spot. It is absolutely perfect for small boats, kayaks, etc and will not only get the job done; it will get it done darn well! Highly recommended.

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