The iBobber Wireless Fish Finder Review

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Anyone who takes fishing seriously, or even as a recreation, owns a sonar fish finder or two under their sleeves. And as well they should; these devices make fishing so much more easy, fun and effective. But not all fish finders can go the extra mile for you since most have limitations that compromise with their performance.And, so, today I have a fish finder that is designed to know no boundaries: the iBobber wireless fish finder from ReelSoner. This tiny gadget has been winning over every fisher’s approval, but is it worthy enough to be your next finder? Stay tuned to our comprehensive iBobber wireless fish finder review to find out!iBobber wireless fish finder

Features of the iBobber Wireless Fish Finder

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a quick look at the essence of this fish finder. The iBobber wireless fish finder, like the names suggests already, is a fish finder that works wireless to fetch you your catch; it works over Bluetooth. It is portable and flexible, making it easy to take it anywhere. The iBobber wireless fish finder uses an advanced sonar technology that has been patented and does some excellent policing down to a depth of 135 m underwater. It comes with a free app that is compatible to both iOS and Android, and includes pliers and a digital scale with fish holder.

 The ReelSonar iBobber

The sonar device, iBobber, is so tiny you could fit in right into your pocket! It has been designed to be that portable gadget you can carry around literally everywhere. In fact, it is this petite body that makes it so great to be able to reach all the hard-to-reach and narrow places. But, don’t be fooled by its size, the iBobber has a lot more to offer

The iBobber can be used on both fresh water and salt water without any fear of related damages. It is the epitome of versatility: use it for shore fishing, dock fishing, kayak fishing; it is just as great for ice fishing as well! And to further prove itself, the iBobber comes with built-in LED beacon lights that make it perfect for night fishing.

 Depth Radar

The iBobber wireless fish finder uses a patented sonar technology, like previously mentioned, and does immaculate sonar reading for up to 135 m underwater. Over Bluetooth and a distance of 100 m, you can enjoy the app and all the wealth it has to offer to enhance your fishing experience.

One of the coolest features about the iBobber wireless fish finder is its patented sonar reading. It has a fish mode as well as raw mapping sonar. In the fish mode, you will get to the fishes by size and depth. Fishes under 15 inches get an orange tag and fishes over 15 inches get a green tag. This feature lets you pick on the larger fishes, good for you, and also helps the fish population by filtering the smaller or baby fishes; good for ecosystem.


The app in entirely free, supports and iOS and Android phones, and lets you in on information that will change the way you fish, forever.

Through it you can check the water depth. Knowing the depth gives you an idea of the type of fishing that could be lurking there. Something particularly useful for swimmers and kayaks is that you can check the water temperature through the app as well. You can also check the contour and underwater structure on the bedding. Knowing this lets you in on all the nooks and crannies where the big fishes usually hide.

The app also gives you information on the weather, location and lunar calendar so that you can go all set and prepared.  The trip log gives you access to all the places you have been previously so that you can always return to the exact spot if you want. The GPS tracking on the app will give you navigation guidance, maps and all the geographical tools you may need. You also get a fish and strike alarm that goes off every time you bait is caught by a fish; very useful if you were dozing off to a slumber.

The app will also identify the species of fish you catch. You can capture images of it or your fishing experience and share it directly on any social media through the app.

 ReelSonar Pliers and Digital Scale

With the iBobber wireless fish finder you get high quality pliers from the company that you could use to cut fishing lines and yank out hooks from the fish’s mouth. Made out of stainless steel with 4 inch long jaws, you never have to worry about it wearing out after a few uses.

You also get a digital scale with a fish holder so that you get the accurate reading on your catch’s weight, both in pounds and kilograms, and automatically measure the length as well.


  • The iBobber wireless fish finder is portable and compact
  • The app is free and compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • The app gives you access to some of the most useful fishing information
  • The patented sonar technology is comprehensive, environmentally responsible and very fun
  • The iBobble sonar can be used on both fresh and salt waters
  • Is great for ice fishing and night fishing
  • Comes with a useful digital scale and pliers
  • Facilitates social media sharing
  • Battery lasts you over 10 hours of working time


  • The app chows down on the battery very quickly
  • Poor customer service
  • Occasionally misreads depth


  1. Will it work over my cell phone’s WiFi?

Answer:  The iBobber wireless fish finder will only work over Bluetooth; no internet connection required.

  1. Will this work even in windy and choppy waters?

Answer: Yes, it will! As long as the bottom of the device is under water, it will be just fine. But if it turn over, it will lose connection.


We discussed this product a bit in our best fish finder guide too. The iBobber wireless fish finder is the height of technology, functionality and versatility. It is compact, strong and powerful enough to take with you on every fishing trip and return home with a satisfied catch. Though, there are a few downsides to it, like the depth misreading, I still think the advantages overweight the flaws over any day, especially with that clever sonar technology and amazing app on your hand. I recommend it!

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