Lychee® Fish Finder Review

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The Lychee portable fish finder helps you in getting the approximate location of fish and the depth of the water. The portable fish finder has a fish depth scale to give you an approximate idea for your big hunt. There is an audible fish alarm which you let you let go of the Lychee portable fish finder so that you can concentrate fully on the task at hand.

The Lychee portable fish finder is unique among other fish finders as it will let you detect grass, tall and short weeds, sand and rocks on the sea bed. You get to choose the readings in either meter or feet. We talked about it in our pure fish finder guide here but very briefly. Lychee portable fish finder

Display Screen

The screen is an LCD made screen which is anti UV rays, meaning you don’t have to squint your eyes to figure out the readings of the Lychee portable fish finder. I think this is a convenient feature, especially when you are exposed under the direct sun light. Conveniently enough, there is an option if you like to go fishing in the night time. There is a green LED back light which will help you in reading the approximate path and depth of the fishes even at the night time. Overall, I found both of these features very handy and useful.

The display screen is easy to read and finding the depth and fishes is easy to do with this Lychee portable fish finder. Thankfully the display shows the nature of the bottom, meaning you get to detect the weeds, grass and rocks on the sea bed as well. No more fishing with blinds on. To make the whole reading process easier, a handy little instruction manual is added with the Lychee portable fish finder.

Technical Specifications

The round transducer sensor has a diameter of 46 mm or 4.6 cm. The depth range of the Lychee portable fish finder ranges at a minimum of 0.7 m or 2.30 ft. and a maximum of 100 m or 328.08 ft. The sensor beam angle can cover up to 45 degrees. The portable fish finder needs 4 AAA batteries to run which are not included. The battery life is terribly poor and they run out of juice real quick.

The operating temperature is from -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) to 70 degrees C (158 degrees F) meaning you can use the Lychee portable fish finder on ice water as well. There is an audible fish alarm added to give you a noise signal when the fishes are nearby so you don’t need to stay glued to the fish finder all the time. There is also a fish depth scale to give you the approximate idea about the level the fishes are at.

I like the fact that the readings of the fish finder can be conveniently switched between meter and feet, according to your ease.

Methods to Use

The Lychee portable fish finder can be used in a number of ways depending on the weather condition and temperature. As there is a limit to the temperature, you obviously can’t use it sparingly in every other situation if you want to get the best results and want your fish finder to last for a long time.

To use the Lychee portable fish finder in different ways you will have to undergo different tactics. You can fix the fish finder with the boat hull for a usual day of fishing. The negative thing is here is that the fish finder is unable to read the situation while in motion, even if it is only in the paddling speed. It works well in still water.

You can use a float on the cable of the Lychee portable fish finder to mount the sonar inside the water to get better readings. A removable transducer float is conveniently added with the packaging to make your life easier. Alternatively you can fix the fish finder on a pole and push it into the desirable position inside the water.

If you want to use it on ice, you can, as long as the temperature is within the machine’s limit. To do so you will have to cut a hole on the surface of the ice and place the sonar under the water to catch those fishes.


  • Can be used in different temperatures by undertaking different methods.
  • The reading will convert in meter and feet.
  • The LCD screen is anti UV rays.
  • Can display and detect even the grass, rocks and weeds of the sea bed.
  • A green LED back light makes fishing in the night time possible.


  • You need to be in still water to get the readings as it does not work even at minute speed.
  • The batteries run out really quick as the 4 AAA batteries will die after a day’s usage.
  • Every time you turn off the unit, you will have to redo the settings after turning it back on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the fish finder waterproof?

A: No, it isn’t. The screen will fog up if it gets in the water.

Q: Will this fish finder detect a jig when moved to different depths?

A: No.

Q: Can this be hooked up to sit in a kayak?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this fish finder give good reading while the boat is in motion?

A: No. In fact I find this is the biggest flaw of this finder.

Q: Can I set different languages?

A: No, it’s only in English.

Final Words

The Lychee portable fish finder has many positive sides, one of the major ones of which is it being incredibly affordable. At the price it comes in, the features are really worthwhile in my opinion. Sure, the fish finder has its flaws but overall I think it is a good unit and will work fine if you handle it with care. I found the Lychee portable fish finder to be good enough to work on my circumstances. I will recommend this product if you are in the market for an affordable fish finder that works well in suitable conditions.

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