Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder Review

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 There’s no season like fishing season. And with that event coming right our way soon, I think you could use a really good fish finder this time around. And thus, I welcome to our article; you have come to the right place if you are a dedicated fisher and are looking for the perfect gadget to complement you on your fish hunting trips.. Today, we will be looking into the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder, and the word of the mouth is that this little guy here is quite the loyal companion for fishers now. But, how true is it? Stick around to find out!Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder


One problem with fish finders is that they are foreign to the concept of balance. In other words, they are either too large or heavy to mount on a boat or too small that you have to strain your eyeballs out to get some good reading. The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder, however, is just perfect! It weighs 4 pounds, which is a little heavy of course, but this weight makes it perfect for mounting and staying put during bumpy ride. The fish finder measures 13.8 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches in dimension. This perfect cubic size gives the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder a very nice hand-feel as well as a great appearance. It comes with a transducer, mounting components, has a few navigation buttons under its beautiful 4.3 inch display screen.


Speaking of which, you know now that the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder has a generous 4.3 inch HD LED backlit display. But the display is also all-weather proof! In fact, not only will it resist damages from fog, water, moisture and heat but it will also give you one of the sharpest color displays and wide viewing angles as it is optically bonded; something that is often found only in high-end marine displays. The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder’s display offers you the most accurate reading and display. As the sonar frequencies bounce back at its receiver, the display will show the most accurate locations of fishes and other object with photo and image-like clarity and precision.

The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder is a notch above the generic fish finder displays as it keeps up the high performance display for up to a staggering 600 ft!

CHIRP DownVision Sonar Technology

The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder uses the company’s superior wide spectrum CHIRP technology which pulses across several sonar frequencies all at the same time. And because this way, more sonar pulses are entering the water, this fish finder can detect objects and fishes with ridiculous clarity and precision and show it on its amazingly advanced display. With the CHIRP technology, you will be spending more time catching fish than running after them!


If you fish in large water bodies like lakes, seas and even oceans then getting lost is one thing, and not being able enter a spot with good fish crowd is another. Either way, no one is more painful and annoying than the other.

The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder also comes with a built-in GPS. Thanks to this, Treading around open and vast waters without the fear of getting lost has never been this reassuring as you get maps provided for you by some of the most reliable sources like NAVIONICS, C-Map and even Raymarine’s own lighthouse chart!. Through the GPS, you can also keep tabs of your favorite fishing spots and spots with high fish density so that you never have to go home empty-handed. Pretty neat!


The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder does not fall behind in terms of wireless communication either. Through the Wi-FiSH mobile app, you can stream the same display of the finder right on your mobile phone and tab for a hands-on experience. This also lets you rewind and pause the sonar display if your use the Wi-FiSH wireless down-vision sonar through Wi-Fi.

This feature is particularly useful in times when you are fishing with a group. Each individual can have a look at the situation below independently on their phones or tabs without all of you having to hog the display at once.


Mounting fish finder are probably one of the most precarious tasks in the world. I mean, one loose screw and you will see your dollars floating on water before your eyes. And it is not just the loose screws that are the problem. Boats rides aren’t always the smoothest of rides, especially when you are fishing. The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder comes with a ball and socket mounting system. It holds the monitor on it place tight and secure. Through the bumps and pushes and splashes, and your Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder will still be with you at the end of the day.

The mounting also lets you adjust the display in various positions so that you get the clearest and glare-free view of the monitor without having to turn your neck 180 degrees!


  • Uses a superior CHIRP DownVision sonar technology which uses multiple sonar frequencies detect more and display better!
  • Comes in GPS models as well
  • Is perfectly sized for placing and mounting
  • Offers wireless connectivity
  • Is all-weather proof


  • Customer have complained of the mounting system being too flimsy to uphold the monitor properly
  • Offers no warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about the DownVision sonar technology

  1. Does is come with a sun shade to prevent glares?

Answer: No, it does not. But you can always adjust the position of the monitor to avoid glares.

  1. Does it show the speed of the boat on the display?

Answer: No, it does not.


This marks the end of our Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder review, and I am sold! The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder is everything you need in a fish finder: it’s got amazing display, great fish tracking, GPS, all-weather durability; it is powerful fish radar to say the least! While the mounting could use some improvement, I would still recommend this due to its high quality performance. The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder will definitely not be a regrettable purchase!

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