The FishHunter Fish Finder Review

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Fish finders are essential for effective and efficient fishing, and fishermen and leisure fishers use it more and more today than ever before. is a fishing companion fishers and enthusiasts swear by, but it is really any good or is it all just the effect of the hype?

Today, I will be reviewing the FishHunter fish finder for you so that at the end of this article, you can assess for yourself if this gadget is worth your attention. Will the FishHunter fish finder be worth it? Let’s find out!Fishhunter fish finder

Features of the FishHunter Fish Finder

Let’s begin with looking over the concept and basic features of the FishHunter fish finder. First of all, it is different from other fish finders in a way that it has Bluetooth connectivity. It is portable and compact; weighs just 1.3 pounds and measures 5 x 5 x 8.5 inches in dimensions. Thanks to such compactness, it fits right into your pocket making the FishHunter fish finder absolutely perfect for shore fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing and even ice fishing! Versatility at its best. It also has wireless connectivity with your personal gadgets, a high frequency transducer and a comprehensive app to keep track of and enhance your fishing experience.

The FishHunter fish finder also has night vision lighting for night fishers; no joins on the outside that could cause leakage or cracks, a durable and protective rubber outer casting, securing towing point and charging notification lighting.


The FishHunter fish finder has a 380 KHz transducer that does an excellent job filtering the waters for objects and fishes. The transducer then sends the raw information backs on the finder’s display monitor for you to read.

The FishHunter fish finder’s Bluetooth casting range is up to 80 ft or 25 m; measures the water depth and bottom contour for up to 100 ft or 30 m; ice fishing depth range is up to 60 ft or 18 m. While the depth range is a little low, I’d still give it a try since it is designed with military grade sonar technology in mind. Quality over quantity, always! And, the fact that it does its job on ice fishing as well, it is a big win-win for users since you do not have to look for other fish finders specific to it.


The FishHunter fish finder does an excellent job finding fishes, we know that, but there are a few small features that make its job and your experience that much more accurate and easy.

  • FishHunter fish finder runs for 8 good hours at a time. More than enough to time to get your hands on some great catch!
  • The FishHunter fish finder does its 100 ft depth reading for both fresh water and salt water, making it even more versatile. You can use one finder for fishing on your local pond or the sea!
  • It gives you a reading on the temperature of the water. Having knowledge of the water temperature is just as crucial for fishers as it is for swimmers, kayaks, and snorkelers!
  • The GPS tracking, mapping and navigation on the FishHunter fish finder helps you locate spots with high fish densities, find new fishing spots, or even locate previous fishing spots that you would like to visit again.
  • It floats on the surface of the water and is bright neon orange in color, so you will never have to worry about losing it.

With features like these, no fish under the blue waters are safe from your hand!


One thing great fishermen know is that to catch great fish, you must go the extra distance. Now it is all fun and games until your fish finder gives up on your for the lack of receptions.

The FishHunter fish finder, however, will give you no such drama. It works over Bluetooth and needs no cell reception to work. Great for those remote and faraway places!


Keeping tracks of a few things like location history, species of your catch, types of baits you used previously can be fruitful since fishes do follow a pattern. And, an app that could show these would come very handy.

Well, the FishHunter fish finder comes with its very own app that you can install on your phone or tablet that helps you keep a record of your catch, the species of fishes, its size and weight, images and so on! Don’t just fish, go smart fishing.


  • Very versatile; The FishHunter fish finder can be used for ice fishing as well.
  • It super portable and compact; fits right into your pocket
  • Floats on water
  • Good run time
  • Offers an apps
  • Work offer Bluetooth; no cell reception required
  • GPS and mapping facilities


  • Has a low depth range
  • Lacks speed tracking on fast fishes like bass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the FishHunter fish finder

  1. What is the lowest working depth for the FishHunter fish finder?

Answer:  It works best under about 2 ft to 120 ft of water depth. Any lower than 2 ft would probably be too shallow for the FishHunter fish finder to give you accurate readings.

  1. How can I cast it? Should I throw it out as hard as I can? Will it damage the FishHunter fish finder?

Answer:  You can cast it by throwing it out from your boat (or shore) as far as you can. Be sure to attach a line to it though. You obviously want to be able to retrieve it without it floating away. I’d suggest not throwing it out with too much force. It is strong, but it isn’t indestructible!


This marks the end of your FishHunter fish finder review and I conclude that the buzz was all worth it. It is the perfect package of quality, durable, performance and features to ensure you return with a good catch and a happy face. While it does fall back in terms of depth range and speed tracking, I’d still choose this for its powerful performance any day; I mean, it’s not like people go fishing in the middle of the ocean every day. Recommended!

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